Salwar Kameez

Salwar kameez, also spelled shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez, is a traditional outfit originating in the Indian subcontinent. At Vasthra Jewels, we bring in the best ever collections online at best satisfactory prices. Rather our famous Anarkali or your pick on ethnic, you will feel the sense of shopping while choosing online.
Different forms of Salwar kameez
Anarkali suit: The Anarkali suit is made up of a long, frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom. It is a timeless style which has become very popular.

Afghanistan suits: The styles of salwar kameez worn in Afghanistan include the Khet partug.

Pashtun suits: As a chiefly rural and nomadic population, the Pashtun dress is typically made from light linens, and are loose fitting for ease of movement.

Peshawari shalwar suit: Pakistan is the khalqa (gown) which opens at the front or shirt which does not open at the front. It is very loose down to the ankles.

Balochi suits: The female Balochi suit consists of the head scarf, long dress and a shalwar

Punjabi suits: The shalwar is wide at the top but fits closely to the legs and is gathered at the ankles.

Patiala salwar: The modern Punjabi shalwar kameez is the Patiala salwar which has many folds and originates in the city of Patiala.

Pothohari suit: It retains the wideness of the older Punjabi suthan and also has some folds. The kameez is also wide. The head scarf is traditionally large.

Saraiki shalwar suits: Saraiki shalwar suits are Punjabi outfits which include the Bahawalpuri shalwar suit and the Multani shalwar suit.

Bahawalpuri shalwar suit: The Bahawalpuri shalwar is very wide and baggy with many voluminous folds.

Multani shalwar suit: The Multani shalwar is very wide around the waist, originates from the Multan area of the Punjab region.

Sindhi suits: These are wide pantaloons which are wide down the legs and are also wide at the ankles. The Sindhi shalwar is plaited at the waist.

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